Welcome to The Stack CafeTM where the internet matters.  At The Stack CafeTM, we are thinking about the internet (open source, decentralized, block-chain, distributed ledger, stack and protocol, … and many other items).  And, in particular, we are thinking about privacy, security, internet,  Web3.0 TM, blockchain stack and other items related to decentralization and open source. 

For example, one such platform we might post about – Blockstack (and the community involved with Blockstack) – is developing an open source platform for decentralization.  And, we might cover how Blockstack plans to achieve its goal of providing a platform for a decentralized internet (where users are able to own their data and maintain their privacy and security while using applications (“apps” or decentralized applications (“dApps”)).  While we may focus many items towards Blockstack, we are continually expanding our topics and will cover other items too.

The Stack CafeTM is a user and supporter (owners of The Stack Cafe have been issued Token vouchers (not yet determined to be redeemable by Blockstack and The Stack Cafe has also participated in the Community Rewards Program (potential Stacks have been awarded but not received nor have the Stacks been determined by Blockstack to be redeemable)) of Blockstack but is not affiliated with Blockstack. (The owners of the The Stack Cafe have no current or past financial interest in Blockstack.  But, the owners of The Stack Cafe have applied for and received a non-accredited investor voucher(s) in the Stack token sale – but the vouchers have not been determined to be redeemable by Blockstack.)

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We hope that you find The Stack CafeTM an engaging forum for items on the decentralized internet e.g. Web 3.0 tm (web3, web 3.0, web 3), open source …  We hope this information is helpful (never should it be construed as advice or anything else, just information for the reader).  While we may focus many items towards Blockstack, we are continually expanding our topics and will cover other items too.  Be sure to subscribe to The Stack CafeTM via e-mail and comment on posts displayed in this forum (disclaimer….).

Remember, if you have any questions or comments about the stack, decentralization, re-decentralization, dApps, Web 3.0 ( Web 3.0 TM), open source or …, please feel free to post a comment and/or contact us.  We welcome your engagement in The Stack CafeTM.

Go Experience Internet Freedom (“EIF”)TM with blockchain, distributed ledger, Web 3.0 TM.  Let’s make a new internet The Decentralized WayTM.  Internet Decentralization =  Web 3.0 TM. A decentralized internet The Way The FutureTM.  Thanks again.