Blockstack: Misthos – a new dApp multisig bitcoin wallet for businesses

Welcome to the Stack CafeTM — Blockstack: Misthos – a new dApp multisig bitcoin wallet for businesses.  Misthos is a multisig bitcoin wallet for businesses.  

In the creators own words:

Misthos is a decentralised app for collaborative management of finances. Individuals collaborating on a project can use Misthos to manage and distribute their bitcoin income as a team.

Some of the features of Misthos include:

  • users can create Ventures
  • dynamically add and remove Partners that share and control a multisig Bitcoin wallet
  • ventures can receive Bitcoin
  • payouts can be proposed that require endorsement from the other Partners before they are submitted to the Bitcoin network.

Misthos hopes to become the complete solution for collaboratively managing your cash flow with bitcoin.

Please find some screenshots from the website for Misthos.

Some basic contact information for Misthos:

We have not given Misthos a test run at this point.  When we do, or when Misthos pushes out updates to its platform, we will try and provide some information on the same.  Decentralized multisig bitcoin wallets via Misthos and Blockstack. 

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