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Welcome to the Stack CafeTM – Blockstack is an open source project and public benefit corporation for the new internet for decentralized applications (dApp)(own your own data and maintain your privacy and security). Now that Blockstack has the [sg_popup id=”3″ event=”hover”]architecture in place[/sg_popup] and is running full steam ahead to […]

Blockstack: Did you say jobs? – Calling all Engineers, Designers, ...

Welcome to the Stack CafeTM — Developers Corner series: Multi-Reader/Player Storage – We left off with a high-level overview about the tools created by Blockstack for developers (and others) to use to build the decentralized applications (dApps) for use on Blockstack’s decentralized internet.  Next, in line in the Developers Corner […]

Blockstack: Developers Corner… Multi-Reader/Player Storage

Welcome to The Stack CafeTM — We recently heard some great news.  The team at Graphite – the dApp that can be used on the Blockstack ecosystem to create documents and sheets without giving up privacy – just pushed out an update to its dApp.  The update includes a refreshed […]

Blockstack: Graphite Update – Contacts

Welcome to the Stack CafeTM — As outlined in our brief overview about Blockstack Bounties, Blockstack’s Signature Fund challenged the community to bring forth a new communication reality – The Decentralized Way™  The Blockstack Way™.  And, as you know (or see this), the bounty window closes in about two (2) […]

Blockstack: Signature Bounties – Two Weeks to go…