DECS: the decentralized encrypted code snippets dApp built for use on Blockstack

Welcome to the Stack CafeTM – and DECS: the decentralized encrypted code snippets dApp built for use on Blockstack. With DECS, the ability to organize secure and shareable code snippets for developers is now on the decentralized web space via Blockstack.

With DECS, the developer now has the ability to freely create end-to-end encrypted snippets in a decentralized fashion.

DECS – is brought to you by:

In the creators own words: DECS is “Decentralised Encrypted Code Snippets organiser for developers.

See DECS on Product Hunt too.

One of the main reasons the creators designed DECS is in the question/answer from the creators:

Why do we need another app when we have GitHub gists, Bitbucket and Gitlab snippets?

1) Security

2) Reliability

3) Decentralized and free

4) Accessibility

Some of the features of DECS include:

  • own your data
  • encrypted
  • organized
  • import and export
  • embed
  • free
  • ux/ui
  • share

We have not tried out DECS at this time but hope we can in the future. In any event, we hope to be able to update this post as new features are added to DECS.

Please find some additional screenshots from the website for DECS.

Some basic contact information for dPage:

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