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Welcome to The Stack CafeTM — Blockstack: A New Decentralized App – Blockstagram: We recently heard about (and tested) a new goody (decentralized application – dApp) that is ready for use on the Blockstack [sg_popup id=”2″ event=”hover”]ecosystem[/sg_popup] – Blockstagram. 

Blockstagram – a decentralized peer-to-peer encrypted alternative to Instagram  – is a new decentralized photo sharing application that will be powered by the Blockstack decentralized internet platform.

Let’s take a quick peek at Blockstagram.  What is Blockstagram?  According to Blockstagram (below screenshot from Blockstagram’ website), Blockstagram is a decentralized peer-to-peer encrypted alternative to Instagram. It is the first decentralized photo sharing application for Blockstack.  Blockstagram is in beta but fully functional on the Blockstack ecosystem.

The purpose of Blockstagram is to allow the user to manage/share the user’s photos/documents( e.g. .pdf) in a secure and decentralized way. 

The Blockstagram application (dApp) provides a place to securely upload your pictures, share your pictures and view your friend’s pictures that have been shared with you.  A brief overview of Blockstagram from Blockstagram


Blockstagram is decentralized for use on Blockstack’s ecosystem

Blockstagram – a solution to Instagram (now you own it and not a third party provider)

Basically, Blockstagram uses the power of Blockstack to bring us a decentralized photo/document sharing application platform that:

allows you to encrypt your files (photos…)


share your files (photos…) with others

grant access to your files

revoke access to your files

The Stack Cafe will now sign in and take a quick look at the new decentralized photo/document sharing platform from Blockstagram.

Sign- In page for Blockstagram (access from this link here)

Sign-in Authentication page/pop-up and Authentication (using your Blockstack ID from the Blockchain Naming System)

The Stack Cafe is signed in to Blockstagram (see top right corner)

The Stack Cafe uploads an image to via Blockstagram dApp and it is securely (encrypted) and stored into our chosen storage platform using the built-in decentralized distributed storage system from Blockstack.


Wow!  The Stack Cafe signed into Blockstagram and has uploaded a file that has been stored in an encrypted secure way only for The Stack Cafe to view and access.  As we explore more about Blockstagram we will provide subsequent posts.  Please stay tuned for more on new features from Blockstagram.

Here are some details on the Team Blockstagram including contact details.

Blockstagram on twitter

Team Members

Timo Welde

Stefan Adolf



Nathan van Bakel


Artur Phillip

Marcus GoetzBenjamin

Blockstagram on Github

And remember when the user uses Blockstagram in connection with the Blockstack browser (which provides the portal into the Blockstack ecosystem – the new decentralized internet):

  1. no one has access to the user’s information (data is encrypted only for the user to see or share…)
  2. and the data and storage of the same are controlled by the user (this is done on the storage platform the user selected via blockstack browser (at install or anytime – with multiple storage platforms planned).

What a great dApp! Blockstagram has brought the blockstack community the first working decentralized secure and encrypted photosharing platform for Blockstack. Go check out Blockstagram and try out the photo sharing application and begin creating some memories.

Note: If you do not have the Blockstack browser, please see this link (note – to enable the full functionality of any dApp built for the Blockstack ecosystem (e.g., building a new internet, a decentralized internet, re-decentralizing the internet) you need to use the Blockstack browser).

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