Blockstack: A New dApp – BlockChat

Welcome to the Stack CafeTM — Blockstack: A New dApp – BlockChat.  Just came across a new decentralized chat/messaging application.

BlockChat has launched a messaging application platform that you can use with Blockstack and Blockstack’s Browser (for full functionality).

According to BlockChat, the messaging application gives you the ability to chat/message without being tracked or censored.


  • is a decentralized encrypted messaging platform built on Blockstack

We have logged in to the application (see below) but have not tried to message anyone at this point.  We hope to open a dialogue with the developers and will post any updates at the appropriate time.

Here are some screenshots of BlockChat

BlockChat offers some great features:

  • censorship resistant
  • control your data
  • authentic identity


BlockChat is built on top of the open source platform built by Blockstack.  Blockstack is an open source architecture for a decentralized internet using applications built for use with the Blockstack browser.



BlockChat’s vision is to be the decentralized “WeChat” platform.

Blockchat’s Team members and developers.

Looks like a great new dApp.  We will have updates on the dApp as new features etc. are pushed by Team BlockChat.  Stay tuned!  For more on Blockchat, please visit this link here.

Below, we have included some screenshots of our visit to the home page and our subsequent login to the BlockChat application.

To login to the BlockChat application, please open the Blockstack browser portal (need the Blockstack browser to use and get the full functionality of the Blockstack architecture) and then go to the home page for BlockChat – this link here and/or here.  Then go ahead and sign-in to the application using the Blockstack browser.


Once you are logged in, you should find yourself on the application landing page.  Here, you can begin messaging and/or looking up other Blockstack users (via the search and blockstack ID for the user e.g., and other features (upcoming)).  Have fun and message away.



Great new dApp for decentralized, secure, encrypted messaging.  Very nice Team BlockChat.

Remember —

Blockstack is a new internet.

A new internet that is more powerful yet simpler to use.

A new internet that you can trust because it is designed to protect you.

A new internet that gives you control over fundamental things:

  • your identity
  • your data/information
  • your privacy
  • your security.

A new internet that provides you a portal/window into a new world of decentralized applications.

Blockstack makes the internet you use betterTM.

Go join Blockstack and take part in the journey into the new decentralized internet, The Blockstack WayTM.

Remember, you have to have the Blockstack Browser in order to take full advantage of the decentralized internet from Blockstack.


Blockstack harnesses all of the power of the traditional internet and then adds the Blockstack Browser on top. The Blockstack Browser opens the window to a new internet, a decentralized internet that puts the power back in the hand of the users.

To begin your journey into the new decentralized internet designed by Blockstack, you will need to install the Blockstack Browser. The Blockstack Browser is your window/portal into the new decentralized internet for decentralized applications (dApps).

Download the Blockstack Browser

For help on installing and using the Blockstack Browser, please visit this link Getting started with the Blockstack Browser.

For a more in depth look into the Blockstack Browser, please visit these links – Inside the Blockstack Browser and Blockstack Browser: It does that?

Now that you have the browser installed, visit the Blockstack Browser homepage and try out some of the active decentralized applications – e.g., investment portfolio management, messaging, word processing… More decentralized applications are being added as developed.

See Screenshot of Blockstack’s Browser in the center with a white background and some dApps listed to use)

By using Blockstack you now can control how you use and interact with the internet instead of worrying about how the internet interacts with you and controls you. This is a big switch and a seminal tenet of the decentralized internet, dApps and the entire Blockstack design. Blockstack has designed a new internet (distributed, blockchain, bitcoin, decentralized, decentralized internet) that makes the internet you use better.

Resources re: Blockstack and dApps

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