Blockstack: Signature Fund Event in Berlin – March 2, 2018

Blockstack announces a new event to take place in Berlin in March of 2018. Blockstack Berlin: A Signature Fund event at Axica. Blockstack Berlin is bringing together top experts on data privacy, blockchain, information theory, and the decentralized community at large to imagine, learn about, and create decentralized applications. Some keynote speakers include Edward Snowden and Nick Szabo.Check out the Blockstack Berlin video here as well as past Blockstack event videos here.

Visit the Blockstack Berlin site here.

1.30.2018 – UPDATE: The Stack Cafe just heard that the developer of the multi-player storage dApp Graphite will be joining the Blockstack team in Berlin to exhibit the Graphite dApp during the show. Great news for Graphite and Blockstack.

Date and Time

Fri, March 2, 2018

8:30 AM – 6:00 PM CET

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Axica convention center GmbH

Pariser Platz 3

10117 Berlin


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Helpful links for more information on Blockstack include:

Blockstack – the new decentralized application platform and ecosystem for the decentralized/re-decentralized internet (dApp, dApps, and Web 3.0)

Blockstack’s Forum


Note: If you do not have the Blockstack browser, please see this link (note – to enable the full functionality of any dApp built for the Blockstack ecosystem (e.g., building a new internet, a decentralized internet, re-decentralizing the internet) you need to use the Blockstack browser).

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