Blockstack: The Berlin Event Presentation Videos are Here – Main Event and Learning Sessions

Welcome to the Stack CafeTM — Blockstack: The Berlin Event Presentation Videos are Here – Main Event and Learning Sessions

At the Blockstack Signature Fund event held in Berlin in early March 2018, Blockstack brought together a community that included experts on data privacy, blockchain, information theory, cryptography, and the decentralized community at large to imagine, learn about, and create decentralized applications.  And, for those of you that were not able to attend the event, Blockstack has you covered.

As of this morning, Blockstack has uploaded the videos taken of all presentations and learning sessions that took place during the event.

Main Event Presentations

Learning Sessions

So without further ado, please go forth and watch, listen and learn not only about Blockstack, but how easy the Blockstack team has made it to use the Blockstack ecosystem (via the Blockstack browser) and how easy it is to build decentralized applications for use on the Blockstack internet (blockstack.js) via the Blockstack browser.

As the dApps shown above are taken from beta versions to live dApps that are available on the Blockstack ecosystem, we will try and provide a brief overview of each dApp as they inject updates, if applicable. What a great job to everyone involved in the Blockstack Berlin. Go Blockstack!

Blockstack’s Browser

Blockstack harnesses all of the power of the traditional internet and then adds the Blockstack Browser on top. The Blockstack Browser opens the window to a new internet, a decentralized internet that puts the power back in the hand of the users. To begin your journey into the new decentralized internet designed by Blockstack, you will need to install the Blockstack Browser. The Blockstack Browser is your window/portal into the new decentralized internet for decentralized applications (dApps).

Download the Blockstack Browser

For help on installing and using the Blockstack Browser, please visit this link Getting started with the Blockstack Browser.

For a more in depth look into the Blockstack Browser, please visit these links – Inside the Blockstack Browser and Blockstack Browser: It does that?

Now that you have the browser installed, visit the Blockstack Browser homepage and try out some of the active decentralized applications – e.g., investment portfolio management, messaging, word processing… More decentralized applications are being added as developed.

Resources re: Blockstack and dApps

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