Blockstack: The Signature Fund Opens its Wallet once again for a new Bounty – a Universal Wallet

Welcome to the Stack CafeTM — Blockstack: The Signature Fund Opens its Wallet once again for a new Bounty – a Universal Wallet.

As mentioned previously, one aspect of promoting the Blockstack ecosystem is to provide a platform to help support the global community of developers, designers, and others to submit their ideas and products for a chance to win a prize.  Over the last quarter or so and into 2017, Blockstack’s Signature Fund has held several bounties – see these links, here, and here (winner of portfolio app). 

Well, once again, the Blockstack Signature Fund — a $25 million dollar fund used to help support teams to build applications for the new internet has yet again announced another bounty for a dApp.  And, once again, Blockstack has partnered with a another project – ShapeShift – to bring the open source world a new wallet platform – Universal Wallet.

April 25, 2018

$50,000 Signature Bounty to Build a Universal Wallet

Blockstack Partners with ShapeShift (leading instant digital asset exchange) to build a universal wallet


  • Build an open source wallet app using Blockstack for
    • Authentication
    • Storage
    • Encryption
  • Must support custom tokes
  • Must use the ShapeShift API for token exchange

    • Shape Shift
      • Describes itself – leading instant digital asset exchange – “We Buy and Sell Digital Assets” and “the safest way to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many other blockchain tokens.”

Register for the bounty at Blockstack

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Blockstack Signature bounty for a new universal wallet is open and waiting for the Community. Go to this link for more details from Blockstack re: $50,000 Signature Bounty.

Note: If you do not have the Blockstack browser, please see this link (note – to enable the full functionality of any dApp built for the Blockstack ecosystem you need to use the Blockstack browser).

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